This page will be used as a portfolio and updated with the most recent tech articles that I’ve authored.

With Squadcast, I’ve written articles for installing and running the Kube-prometheus operator and Kyverno.

Infrastructure monitoring using kube-prometheus operator

Kyverno – Policy Management in Kubernetes

For Learnk8s I’ve authored a total of four tutorial-based articles, ranging from 6000 to 8000 words.

Each article, in detail, covered how the reader can utilize Terraform to provision Kubernetes clusters on different Cloud Providers. Technologies covered were Terraform, Kubernetes, Helm, Nginx. On four cloud providers, AWS, GCP, Azure, and Linode.

Provisioning Kubernetes clusters on AWS with Terraform and EKS

Provisioning Kubernetes clusters on GCP with Terraform and GKE

Getting started with Terraform and Kubernetes on Azure AKS

Provisioning Kubernetes clusters on Linode with Terraform