Hi! I’m Kristijan, welcome to my tech blog!

As of recently, I’m a Software Engineer, who spent the last few years working as an SRE and in various other IT roles. I bring together the best of both worlds as I combine my passion for operations work with software development.

My blog here is a way for me to express, and write my encounters with the said topics. Be it tasks, projects, problems, tutorials, or just general thoughts.

I believe that sharing your knowledge and inspiring others is the greatest achievement and the most successful way for you to be a better person.

The current tech stack that I primarily work with is Kubernetes, Python, Bash, and GCP.

I’m heavily interested in projects revolving around distributed systems, reliability, networks, automation, monitoring, observability, and many more.

My GitHub page: https://github.com/k-mitevski

And if you want to reach out or say hi, feel free to send me a message on my LinkedIn profile.